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Juul Pods Starter Kit With 2 Pods is an alternative for adult smokers.

The JUUL Pods is a device that delivers nicotine with the use of vapor and its user-friendly design is the best by far. For its small size and weight, the JUUL is very impressive and has many great features, like automatic temperature control and a battery that will last the casual user a full day. The battery is small but strong, which helps make inhales both steady and rewarding. Battery life can be checked by tapping the JUUL device twice causing the light to flash. A green light flash means a high charge.

A yellow light flash means a medium charge. A red light flash means a low charge, and an hour is all that it takes to fully recharge the JUUL. The best part of the JUUL is the design because it fits easily in your pocket and is perfect for use on the go. When looking for an alternative, Juul makes it easy.

Key Features of the JUUL Pods Starter Kit:

  • One free pack of multi-flavored JUUL pod refills
  • Magnetic USB Charger
  • JUUL V3: the most recent version of the JUUL 100% Authentic From JUUL

About the JUUL Starter Kit:

The JUUL Starter Kit is a sleek and stylish e-cigarette that keeps everything simple. From the fine minds at JUUL Labs comes this pocket-sized, easy-to-use e-cig that takes a range of different flavor JUUL pods. This is the JUUL V3, the most up-to-date version of the JUUL device.

JUUL Vaporizer Performance:

The Juul Pods Starter Kit comes with JUUL Pod refills that come in 5% nicotine by weight strength (50mg nicotine). Each JUULpod contains 0.7ml of pre-filled e-liquid. This should allow for around 200 puffs per refill.

 Juul Pods Starter Kit Size Specifications:

The JUUL V3 JUULpods starter kit is 4″ tall by ¾” wide. It takes just one hour for a full charge, by simply standing it in the magnetic USB charger that comes with the starter kit.

How It Works:

First things first: remove the colored cap and insert one of your JUULpod refill cartridges onto the end of the device. This will then double as your cartridge and mouthpiece, and you’re ready to vape! No need to press any buttons; just draw on the end of the JUUL Vaporizer, and the starter kit will do the rest.

Charging Indicator:

For updates on how much charge is left in your JUUL starter kit, simply tap it twice to show the charge level. Green means the charge is high, yellow is medium and red is low. Your indicator will also glow when you draw on the device.

JUUL Nicotine Levels

JUUL’s JUULpods are infused with nicotine salts and contain 5% nicotine by weight. Giving you a smooth vape with reduced harshness, JUUL nicotine salts deliver absolute satisfaction with the perfect throat hit! The JUUL’s innovative nicotine delivery method came from the minds of the vaping geniuses at JUUL Labs, who popularized the use of nicotine salts in vaping products. The JUUL’s nicotine salt formula gives you quick and intense nicotine hit without the unpleasant scratchiness that strong freebase nicotine can sometimes cause.

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